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Shany & Maxime Testimonials

Valerie Jalbert...

Only one word comes to mind when we talk about her:complete!


This artist knew how to make our wedding a more than perfect moment!

She is attentive to each guest, ensuring that each person finds their happiness, their moment. A perfectionist woman, filled with love for her job but also for the people she meets. A singer to give you chills, a proud woman, blessed with such great emotional intelligence! For us, Valérie, you made the difference!


We told you, and we'll say it again, you are the little gem that we were lucky enough to find to guide our wedding (we'll tell you, it was perfect! 😄)


Thank you for your great generosity, for your developed human side, for your angelic patience and your festive side! Our wedding would not be the same in our memories without you! We love you with love! 

Shany & Maxime

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